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i18n API

Provides API to customize and add multiple language and locale translations for all strings used across App Builder.

i18n : i18nInterface[]

Accepts an array of i18nInterface objects, each specific to a language or locale.

The overrides are applied by passing the array under the top-level i18n key to the Customization API config object.


localestringUnique string identifier to specify a language.
label?stringLanguage name to display in the UI dropdown
datai18nDataInterfaceThe necessary translations for a given locale


meetingNameInputPlaceholder?I18nBaseTypePlaceholder text for the meeting name input fieldName your meeting
pstnUserLabel?I18nBaseTypeLabel for the PSTN userPSTN User
joinRoomButton?I18nBaseType<JoinRoomButtonTextInterface>Label for the join room button on precall screenJoin room

App Builder ships with en-us out of the Box. Providing an object with en-us as it's locale will replace the default strings

When there are two or more translations in the App(including the default en-us), A dropdown language selector will be display in both the precall screen as well as the settings panel.


Use the example code given below showcasing overrding

import React from "react";
import { customize } from "customization-api";

const userCustomization = customize({
i18n: [
locale: "en-us",
label: "English US",
data: {
meetingNameInputPlaceholder: "Name your Room",
pstnUserLabel: "Dial In User",
joinRoomButton: ({ ready, role }) =>
? !role
? "Join Room"
: `Join Room as ${
role === ClientRole.Broadcaster ? "Host" : "Audience"
: `Loading...`,
locale: "es",
label: "Español",
data: {
meetingNameInputPlaceholder: "Nombra tu habitación",

export default userCustomization;


I18nBaseType<T> : string | ((template: T) => string)

I18nDynamicType : I18nBaseType<string>


readybooleanBoolean that indicates whether a room is ready to be joined
roleClientRoleRole of the user trying to join


1BroadcasterUser publishes to other channel boradcasters and Audience members
2AudienceUser subscribing to other channel broadcasters without publishes