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Deploy from Source

Step 1 - Clone the source code

Clone the source code from

Step 2 - Setup Credentials

You can choose to setup credentials either by filling up the configuration file or by adding them as environment variables. You can see a list of credentials to setup here

Step 3 - Setup Database

Agora App Builder uses a Postgresql Database.

You can downlaod postgresql 12 from

Make sure the create a database where your data will be stored. You can follow the documentation for that here

Get the connection string like shown here and set it as the following environment variable: DATABASE_URL

Step 4 - Run the Database Migrations

If you want the database migrations to be run, you will need to setup the following environment variable RUN_MIGRATION=true

Step 5 - Build the server

Run go build -o ./server ./cmd/video_conferencing

Step 6 - Run the binary

You can run the binary by just doing ./server

Since, the dependencies are statically linked, you can deploy just the binary to the server. However, you have to make sure to keep the config.json in the same directory.