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Managed CORE Service


Error Codes

Common error codes:

Error CodeDescription
600An unknown error occurred.
601Invalid project ID.
602Invalid authorization credentials. Check the Authorization header.
603Invalid or malformed token. Check the Authorization header.
604Token has expired or invalidated. Check the Authorization header.
605Required JWT claims are missing in the token.
606This feature is not available or enabled.
607Insufficient user roles for this operation.
608Insufficient permissions for this operation.
609Access or rate limitations prevent request completion.
610The request failed due to an internal error.
611The API request is invalid, improperly formed, or missing a required field. Please refer to the API documentation to identify which parameters are valid for your request.
612The provided Identity Provider (IDP) settings are invalid. Please verify IDP settings in Console.
613Host and Attendee are global roles.
614invalid passphrase.
615no record found.
616invalid passphrase or project id.
617invalid customer id or customer certificate.
618no recording in progress.
619user is not authorized to perform this action.

Roles Description

Global Roles - This are predefined roles with certain permissions:

hostWith host role, a user has all the permission to call the api, these are the permissions: [join_meeting, cloud_recording_start, cloud_recording_stop, speech_to_text_start, speech_to_text_stop, whiteboard_create, whiteboard_join, chat_token]
attendeeUser has restricted permission, these are the permissions:[attendee: join_meeting,whiteboard_join,chat_token]

Permission Description

Permissions - A user can do specific operation/action with the below permission

create_meetingWith this permission user will be able to create a room
join_meetingUser will be able to join the room with this permission
cloud_recording_startCloud recording can be started by the user with this permission
cloud_recording_stopA user with this permission can stop the cloud recording
speech_to_text_startWill be able to Start the Speech to text conversion of the room with this permission
speech_to_text_stopWill be able to Stop the Speech to text conversion which is started
whiteboard_createWill be able to create the whiteboard
whiteboard_joinCan join/see the created whiteboard with this permission
chat_tokenWill get the chat token with this permission, which is used to start the chat